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Eyelid Surgery for Ptosis Restores Your Field of Vision and Restful Appearance

Severely drooping eyelids affect your field of vision but there are also cosmetic concerns. Such drooping of the upper eyelid, formally known as ptosis, makes you look older and tired. The team at Mittleman Eye discusses how eyelid surgery for ptosis both restores your field of vision and makes you appear more rested.


The upper eyelid drooping known as ptosis ranges from mild to serious. It may affect one or both eyes. The sagging may obscure your field of vision’s upper region. In a worst-case scenario, ptosis blocks vision altogether.

Ptosis affecting children is generally congenital. For adults, the condition results from aging or injury to the eye. It may also run in families.

For adults, ptosis occurs when the muscles and ligaments in the eyelid are stretched and weakened. This sort of stretching occurs naturally as we age but those who have previously undergone eye surgery may find themselves more vulnerable. Instruments used to keep eyes open during surgery can cause eyelid muscles to stretch.  

In rare cases, cysts, tumors or diseases affect the eyelid muscle, causing sagging. Prior to surgery, the ophthalmologist will determine the cause of your ptosis after completion of an eye exam and receiving the results of imaging and blood tests. 

Cosmetic Issues

While clear vision is the most important issue, no one wants to look old and tired. You may not feel tired at all, but ptosis gives people that impression.

Keep in mind that eyelid surgery for ptosis performed primarily for cosmetic purposes is not covered by insurance. However, if the drooping eyelids impact vision substantially, your insurance company should cover the surgery.

Ptosis Surgery  

Done on an outpatient basis, ptosis surgery is relatively straightforward. Patients receive local anesthesia.

The eye surgeon makes an incision in the upper eyelid’s skin. After locating the small muscle responsible for raising the eyelid, the surgeon places stitches in it for muscle tightening and eyelid raising. The incision is then closed with additional stitches. The degree of adjustment depends on ptosis severity.


Ptosis surgery restores your field of vision. It also takes years off your face’s appearance. Without drooping eyelids, you look refreshed and brighter. Expect people to comment on how revitalized you look — the difference is that obvious.

Contact Mittleman Eye

If your upper eyelids droop so much that they are interfering with your vision field, contact the doctors at Mittleman Eye today. Patients who wish to make an appointment can schedule one directly online or call or text (561) 500-2020.