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Advanced Cataract Surgery

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Laser-assisted cataract surgery in West Palm Beach

What is Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is a safe and routine procedure; millions of people all over the world successfully undergo cataract surgery every year. Cataract surgery removes your eye’s natural lens and implants an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) in its place.

IOLs are specifically designed to integrate with your eye’s structures and remain clear and intact for many years.

How Laser Cataract Surgery Works

Mittleman Eye offers leading-edge cataract surgical procedures to patients in West Palm Beach and throughout southern Florida. Modern cataract surgery uses a laser instead of traditional surgical instruments to perform key steps of the procedure, such as creating the initial incisions in the eye and separating the lens into pieces for easy removal.

Our team uses the LenSx® Laser System, a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser that enhances the safety and precision of the surgery and accelerates patient recovery times. Laser-assisted cataract surgery also reduces some of the already-low risks of surgery by automating many of the steps of the procedure so there is no chance of human error.  Sophisticated computer software helps your surgeon guide the laser in making incisions with pinpoint accuracy.

IV-Free Approach to Cataract Surgery

Mittleman Eye is at the forefront of advances in cataract surgery, and continually explores ways to improve the treatment experience and outcomes for patients. We understand that some of our cataract patients feel stressed or anxious at the thought of an IV delivering sedation medicine throughout surgery. The phobia of needles (termed trypanophobia) is actually quite common! Unfortunately, needle-related anxiety can cause delays in the operating room and even prevent certain patients from getting the care they need. To take some of the hassles and stress out of the experience, we are pleased to offer in-house office space for IV-free cataract surgery.

Intraocular lens options for cataracts in West Palm Beach & Jupiter, FL

Preparing For Cataract Surgery And Choosing An IOL

In choosing an IOL to replace your natural lens, there are many remarkable options for you to consider.

Implantable Lens Options

There are many lens options today providing different ranges of vision.  Some are distance only, some add a small extra bump of intermediate, some are distance and intermediate, and some are distance, intermediate and near.  Each type of lens comes in a toric version that addresses astigmatism should that be an issue.

The range of vision that will work best for each patient is an important topic that the surgeons will discuss with every patient in detail before surgery.

Many of our patients are eye glass independent which is often an option pending ocular measurements.

Cataracts by age group Chart

Cataract Surgery FAQs

Why is laser cataract surgery better than traditional cataract surgery?

In traditional cataract surgery, a blade is used to create an incision in the lens. With a laser, that incision can be made much more precisely, which significantly reduces the rate of complications. The heat from the laser also helps to soften the cataracts before they are removed. In almost every other respect, the procedures are identical.

At what age should I start worrying about cataracts?

Although most patients start developing cataracts after the age of 60, cataracts can be found in patients at any age — some babies are even born with cataracts. Because the symptoms of cataracts are often difficult to notice in their early stages, it is important to schedule regular eye examinations to stay updated on your eye health.

How long is cataract surgery?

The surgery itself is typically completed in under 20 minutes. However, you will need to arrive early so that our team can dilate your eye. As soon as you are comfortable, you will be allowed to go home.

What happens if I decide to not have cataract surgery?

Cataracts Surgery West Palm, FL

Cataracts become progressively worse the longer that you have them. The haziness that you experience currently may seem manageable, but over time you may notice that your vision becomes so blurry that you are no longer able to do normal activities like read, drive or see at a night.

Ultimately, it is your choice whether you want to wait until your cataracts cause significant impairment or preemptively address the situation to maintain a higher quality of vision. The doctors at Mittleman Eye would be happy to answer your questions during a consultation.

Do I still need to wear glasses after cataract surgery?

That depends on your existing vision prescription and the type of IOLs you choose for your eyes. Mittleman Eye offers a variety of IOLs (including monovision and multifocal varieties) that can correct for refractive errors and allow you to be less dependent on glasses and even without. Be sure to discuss these IOL options with your doctor.

What is recovery from cataract surgery like?

Most patients see improvement almost immediately because their vision is no longer clouded by cataracts. Complete recovery may take a few days or even several weeks depending on your body’s ability to heal.

Discomfort should be minimal and easily managed with over-the-counter pain medication if needed. Even during the surgery itself, most patients describe a feeling of pressure rather than pain.

Can I drive myself home after my surgery?

You should arrange for a ride home from our office, as you will not be able to drive due to the sedatives used to keep you relaxed during your surgery. Fortunately, most patients are able to drive again by the next day.

Will I need to have cataract surgery again in the future?

Because cataracts can only form on a natural lens, your eyes will never develop cataracts again after you receive your IOLs. These artificial lenses are designed to be durable and effective for the rest of your life.

IOL Cataracts Surgery West Palm, FL

How to Schedule a Cataract Surgery Consultation

Learn more about cataract surgery and available IOL options by scheduling a personal consultation with a knowledgeable ophthalmologist at our West Palm Beach or Jupiter office. Contact Mittleman Eye today.