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Tyrogenex Studies Oral Treatment for Wet AMD

Tyrogenex studies oral treatment for wet AMD. Tyrogenex (West Palm Beach, FL) said it has initiated a phase 2 clinical trial for its X-82 anti-VEGF/anti-PDGF oral therapy for patients previously treated for wet AMD. The 132-patient, 52-week “APEX” study, to be conducted at 20 US and five UK sites, has dual endpoints of improved visual acuity and a reduction in anti-VEGF injections.

A recently completed phase 1 trial of the tyrosine kinase inhibitor X-82 showed that 24 of the 27 previously treated subjects who completed the 24-week study needed no anti-VEGF rescue during the study period. The majority maintained or improved their baseline visual acuity.

Source/Retinal Physician