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How to Choose Contact Lenses That Fit Your Lifestyle in West Palm Beach & Jupiter FL

If you have recently decided to start wearing contact lenses, you may have some trouble deciding which type of contacts to use. Contact lenses come in two main types: soft (disposable) and RGP (rigid gas permeable). The vision team at Mittleman Eye would like to assist you in making an informed decision that is right for your lifestyle. Ask yourself the following questions to see if the answers make your decision any clearer:

Do You Mind Cleaning Your Contact Lenses?

RGP lenses need to be cleaned every night to keep them effective and safe for use. It is a minor chore, but some people consider it a hassle to take on another task when they are tired at night, and therefore prefer the convenience of soft lenses, which can just be tossed in the trash at night. Be honest with yourself about your commitment to cleaning lenses, because dirty lenses can lead to infection.  

How Crisp Do You Want Your Vision?

While both kinds of contact lenses will dramatically improve your vision, RGP lenses provide you with the sharpest acuity. If you are fine sacrificing a slight amount of quality for the convenience, then soft contacts may still seem worthwhile.

What Is Your Budget?

The convenience of disposable contact lenses comes at a financial cost. For most people, it costs people more money in the long term to replace soft lenses daily than to invest in RGP lenses that last an average of two years. Therefore, if money is a factor, you will probably want to choose RGP.  

How Careful Can You Be?

Of course, saving money with RGP lenses only works when they remain in good condition. The investment may not be worthwhile if the lenses become scratched or damaged. It only makes sense to go with the long-term option if you are committed to caring for your lenses. 

How Often Will You Put on Your Contacts?

Your contact choice may also be influenced by the frequency of use. If you plan to wear them during all of your waking hours, both options are suitable. However, if you plan to wear them occasionally or when you deem them necessary (maybe parts of the day when you drive or work) then soft lenses are the way to go. RGP lenses need to be worn consistently for them to feel comfortable.

Speak to Our Eye Experts

While the above questions pertain more to your lifestyle and habits, your vision prescription and unique eye characteristics may also dictate which contact lenses are the right choice, so be sure to discuss this subject with your doctor.

At Mittleman Eye, we offer both soft and RGP contacts in a variety of brands, including Freshlook, Acuvue and Bausch+Lomb Ultra. To discuss contacts with our phenomenal eye team, please make an appointment online or text or call (561) 500-2020.