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Dr. Mittleman Trains Future Ophthalmologists

David A. Mittleman, MD and Mittleman Eye have teamed up with Nova University and Larkin Community Hospital to proctor third and fourth year residents in ophthalmology. Having already completed medical school and several years of training, these future ophthalmologists will finish their final training in medical and surgical care of the eye with Dr. Mittleman.

Many of you may have seen these eager and talented young men and women in the office already.  Recently, Dr. Mittleman helped run a “wet lab” in which the residents practiced advanced cataract techniques on pig eyes.  Pig eyes closely approximate human eyes so that the doctors will be proficient at the delicate maneuvers that Dr. Mittleman performs in surgery routinely.  Everyone at Mittleman Eye hopes that all of our patients will greet these outstanding doctors as enthusiastically as we have.

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