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Glaucoma Treatment
Common Refractive Errors and Their Treatment Options

Refractive errors are common eye conditions that cause blurry vision. The components of the eye work together as light enters it. There are a number of refractive errors: some that make it difficult to focus on objects up close and others that make distance vision blurry, for example. The type of refractive error you experience relates to the shape of the eye, the cornea, or the lens. Fortunately, there are treatment options for these errors that can restore clear vision. Continue reading to learn more.


Patients with nearsightedness, also known as myopia, have trouble seeing objects at a distance, but objects that are close can be seen clearly. For example, if you are nearsighted, you may not be able to see a television screen clearly; however, you may be able to read a book at a close enough distance. Nearsightedness can occur when the eye grows too long from front to back but may also occur because of issues with the curvature of the cornea or lens.


Farsightedness, or hyperopia, is the opposite of nearsightedness. This type of refractive error makes it difficult to see up close, but objects or words that are far away appear clear and legible. Farsightedness may be caused by the eye growing too short from front to back, or the cornea or lens may not be curved enough.

Age-related farsightedness

Age-related farsightedness is also known as presbyopia and is a type of farsightedness that occurs as you age. Age-related farsightedness also makes it difficult to make out objects that are in close range. It is often the reason individuals need to wear reading glasses in older age. Presbyopia occurs when the lens of the eye loses its flexibility, which makes it difficult to focus on objects.


Astigmatism is another type of refractive error that develops when either the cornea or the lens is abnormally shaped, resulting in blurry vision since the light entering the eyes becomes distorted. If you have this condition, your eye is likely not perfectly round; instead, it may be football shaped. Although some people are born with astigmatism, it can occur at any point in life.

Treatment Options

Refractive errors are typically treated with prescribed glasses, contact lenses, or vision correction surgery. In cases of astigmatism, glasses and contacts cannot change the shape of the eye; only procedures such as LASIK can offer correction.

Refractive Error Treatment at Mittleman Eye Institute

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