At Mittleman Eye , we perform full contact lens service. Our doctors are highly skilled and trained in fitting and refitting all types of contact lenses. When patients decide to get contact lenses for the first time, or if they are considering changing the type of contacts that they are currently wearing, they are faced with a wide range of choices. There are many different types of contacts, including rigid and flexible, extended wear, disposable and planned replacement lenses. Some can be made as bifocals, others come in various colors. After a comprehensive eye exam and discussion of your eye condition, your doctor will help you decide which type of contacts is right for you.


As each person’s eye is a different size and shape, so are the contact lenses that fit the eye. In order to achieve optimal levels of vision correction and comfort, patients must be fitted for contact lenses. Your doctor can prescribe the right kind for your individual eyes. Contact lens fitting is done by measuring the corneal diameter and curvature to ensure centered and stable vision. This is done with and instrument called keratometer, which is a machine like a digital camera that measures the curvature of the cornea. The doctor then personally evaluates the fit of each contact.

Cleaning and Care

Along with their many advantages, contact lenses also come with many responsibilities. Patients must regularly clean and care for their lenses to ensure the highest level of vision and to protect the eye from disease and infection. This is done by adhering to the cleaning, disinfecting and disposal of the contacts as directed by your doctors. Cleaning and care can be significantly reduced by wearing disposable lenses that are thrown away at the end of each day.

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