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Advanced Cataract Surgery

Ophthalmology Blog in West Palm Beach & Jupiter

Is a Drug Treatment for Cataracts on the Horizon?

Blog, Cataracts | August 2022

Live long enough, and you will probably develop cataracts. Right now, surgery is the only treatment for cataracts. The most common surgical procedure worldwide, cataract surgery consists of removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with an intraocular lens. However, drug treatment for this clouding of the lens is on the horizon. As cataracts most […]

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Decreased Risk of Dementia with Cataract Surgery

Blog, Cataracts | March 2022

By now, most people are aware that cataract surgery is a highly successful way to improve hazy vision. Performed regularly at Mittleman Eye, this straightforward procedure involves removing the eye’s natural lens that has been clouded with cataracts and replacing it with an IOL (intraocular lens). What experts are only just discovering, however, is that […]

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Common Questions about Cataracts

Blog, Cataracts | July 2021

It’s common for people to give little thought to cataracts in their younger years, only to later realize that it is a subject they should know more about to maintain healthy eyes. Unsurprisingly, the professionals at Mittleman Eye hear a lot of questions about cataracts from our patients of a certain age, which we are […]

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Understanding the Different Types of Cataracts

Blog, Cataracts | March 2021

When cataracts develop, images gradually become duller and hazier. Colors fade and vision slowly dims. These effects have real consequences for the quality of life and safety of individuals whose cataracts have become advanced. Although the effects are the same, the types of cataracts that precipitate this visual decline vary. Here, the experienced West Palm […]

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